Evan's Campaign Announcement Video


Ivan_portrait_casual.jpgI'm Evan "Ivan" Thomas, and I am asking you for the privilege of serving as your Representative in the United States Congress.  

Our Nation's economic growth remains slow, and we face many local, domestic and foreign challenges.  Now is not the time for political delays and partisan gridlock - it is time for action!  

As an experienced U.S. Air Force commander, I will bring leadership and a clear focus on achieving concrete results.  Results that will make the future brighter for families right here in our District.

  • Economic and Tax Policies to Strengthen our Middle Class
  • Action to Safeguard Social Security and Healthcare for All Americans
  • Maintain a Strong National Defense
  • Address Vital Issues of Justice
    • Equality for All
    • Access to Quality Education
    • Protection of Your Privacy

Please join the conversation, and join "Team Ivan" today.  Thanks!


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  • commented 2015-07-22 21:47:44 -0700
    Evan, Best of luck in 2015.